Solar Water Pumps

Working of Solar Water Pumping Systems


Solar Water Pumping system is a water lifting system powered by electricity generated by Solar panels. These systems typical uses for Fountain pumps, Pool pumps, Transfer pumps, Circulation pumps in ponds, Providing water for livestock, Irrigation pumps, Home pumps, horticulture farms and other similar applications. Using solar water pump is more economical where grid electricity is not available. There are two types of Solar Water Pumps, one is Submersible Solar Pump and another is Surface Solar Pump. Both pumps are available in DC and AC.

Significant parts of Solar Water Pumping System:

Sunlight based Panels which create control.

Controller which controls the System.

Engine Pump to lift the water.

Sunlight based Pump Manufacturers:

Sunlight based Water Pumps are accessible in Tata Power Solar pumps, Shakti Solar Pumps, Jain Irrigation Solar Pumps, KSB Solar Pumps, CRI Solar Pumps, Falcon Solar Pumps, Texmo Solar Pumps, Kirloskar Solar Pumps, KBL Solar Pumps, Crompton Greaves Solar Pumps, Lubi Solar Pumps, Oswal Solar Pumps, Grundfos Solar Pumps, Amrut Solar Pumps and so on.